Equity Story

Solid market position in Austria: exploiting rising demand for bandwidth and new technologies

Focus on premium customers and convergence

Targeted addressing of growth potential through increased cross- and upselling, especially via A1 hybrid modem

Accelerated LTE and fibre roll-out reinforces infrastructure leadership

Continuous efficiency improvement in terms of costs and investments

Growth in CEE: benefiting from growing data consumption and macroeconomic recovery

Consistent implementation of convergence strategy: already convergent in 6 of 7 core markets

Utilisation of ongoing strong demand for fixed-line products and data solutions

Mobile Wi-Fi router complements fixed-line footprint

Value-accretive M&A strengthening existing markets

Medium- to long-term growth with new business

areas thanks to digitalisation

Preferred digitalisation partner for small and medium-sized companies

Growth in ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and cloud-based ICT solutions for enterprises

Growth potential beyond existing footprint — launch of A1 Digital in Germany; presence in Switzerland for cloud-based services

Strong balance sheet structure

Leverage ratio corresponds to rating targets (Investment grade rating)

Rating confirmed by Moody’s (Baa2) and Standard & Poor’s (BBB) with a positive outlook

Extensive financial flexibility for investments and M&A

Sustainable dividend policy

Dividend level of EUR 0.20 with the potential to grow on a sustainable basis in line with the operational and financial performance

Growth and

improved efficiency

Appropriate level of dividend

and total shareholder return